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We love festival vibes and we know how to get you pumped beforehand, so you all arrive in the prefect mood. Our sound system in unbelievably good and it’s hard to sit down and not resist the urge to get up and dance once the music’s going on our festival bus.

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Festival Party Bus

With drivers committed to making your festival limousine journey fun, we’ll transform a boring journey into one that’s exciting and exhilarating. With an outstanding laser light set up, fog machines and nine TV screens, you’ll never be bored.

The sideways facing seats make it easy to socialise, while the fabulous shisha service means passengers can pick from a wide range of non-nicotine, tasty flavours.

You can let us choose your tunes or plug you own music in to listen to as we drive you along in our festival bus. Our onboard DJ is highly experienced at catering to everyone’s tastes, so whatever you want, just say the word, and we’ll have it pumping out of our high-tech sound system in no time. One subwoofer and 3 PA speakers generate a base that definitely geared to get you in the best head space for a concert – relaxed but ready to party!

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We have a 45, 30 and 21-seater bus available as part of our festival bus hire, with driver in tow. Dan has been driving and DJing for years and is a great people person. Whatever your age and taste in music, we can create a festival limousine trip that is well worth every cent. It means you can relax, have a drink and not worry about driving home afterwards as we can drop you all door to door, or one or two central locations, that are easy and close for everyone.

Do you fancy going onto a late night bar or nightclub after the festival? No problem! We’ll happily take you there!

“Our Perth festival bus experience is second to none – it makes your day or night experience so much more special than just the event itself, as we guarantee the trip there and back will be just as much fun, if not more, than the festival itself,” Dan, owner of Limousine 430 Bus Hire.

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